Contact Form on your Website

A businesswoman I know was getting a ton of spam in to her email address. She could not understand why she got so much spam. I went to her website - and her email address was displayed ALL over the site! Is it any wonder she was getting in spam messages?

You should NEVER ever have your email address visible anywhere on any website. Period. Spammers run robotic utilities that prowl the web searching for email addresses. Once they get your address, they sell and resell that information to as many other companies as they can. The innundation of spam will never stop.

All contact links on your website should go to a contact FORM. That way people can always reach you, and you control how the messages flow.

This also provides an additional benefit. If someone is researching your site from a library or other public computer, they may not have access to their personal mail program. They literally may not be able to send you a message! With a contact form the message can always get to you, no matter what. That way you can call or email them in return and make that connection.

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