Designing a Website

Once you have finished Choosing a Website Hosting Company it is time to work on Designing a Website. I know it is REALLY tempting to just design it yourself or to use free templates. After all, it saves money! It is cheaper! You know HTML, you can do a good job! If you were making your own garden in your back yard, then I would agree completely. Grow your own tomatoes. Plant your own flowers. However, we are talking about a world wide reputation that you are building. We are discussing the sole "representation of yourself" that the entire world of millions of people are going to see. The difference between a free template and a custom created quality presentation is absolutely clear to your visitors. Your target audience will have been browsing the web and seeing the sites of your competitors. If your site looks cheesy, looks homemade or looks generic, it is going to give a very strong impression of mediocrity.

Your visitors just have to one-click to move on and look elsewhere. You have one chance to catch their attention and prove your worth. You need that to be as powerful as humanly possible. While you can skimp on domain name companies and skimp on hosting - people won't really notice if your site is slightly slower than others - you can never skimp on your actual website design. This is the one place where you need to pour all your resources, to do the best job possible. This is your front door. If someone does not walk through your front door, then everything else you have done is completely wasted.

Your site must be professional looking. That is absolutely necessary. It must give in a solid manner the exact messages you are trying to deliver. Is that reliability? High quality? Extremely prompt delivery? Personalized service? Whatever your messages are, the color, design, layout, font choices, and a myriad of 100 other things must all back up that message to your visitor in one integrated package. A high quality design expert can do that for you.

Yes,this can cost money - but I have been on the web since its infancy and I can tell you with absolute certainty that this is the make it or break it decision for your site. The exact same content on two different sites with two different designs can result in highly different traffic and sales numbers. I have seen it time and time again. A well built site easily pays for itself in no time at all. A poorly designed site is going to drag along for years with low traffic and low activity.

I have several specific advice tips on here on site design, but my overall suggestion is to never try to do this step on your own. You might think it is saving you money - but after a year, you could have had double or quadruple the income even after subtracting the investment in the quality site. It is like trying to be a lawn mower with an old push mower that moves very slowly. You might only do 4 lawns in a week. If you invested in a new solar powered lawn mower you could do 50 lawns in a week, make back the money you spent on the solar powered lawn mower after one week, and make tons of profit every single week after that.

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