Sound on your Website

I'll tell you a story. One time I was emailing with a person about her business, and I naturally decided to go look at her website. The moment I hit her site I was BLARED at by loud trumpet music - and there was no way to turn it off! I had to go lunging for my actual PC speakers to get the sound to stop. This of course meant that the entire time I was looking at her site I had lost all my normal "alert" sounds for mail and IM and other applications I run. Imagine what her customers must have done. I imagine at least half of them would have instinctively clicked for that "X close the window" button on their browser - and sworn never to return to that site again.

When I alerted the person about the issue, she swore there was a "stop music" button. After I did some investigation, I found she ONLY had put the button on for IE - but people visiting using a FireFox or Safari or other browser were out of luck. They literally had NO way to ever shut the music off.

Not only that, but even on IE you would have to scroll down THREE TIMES to find where she had hidden the button. I have to tell you, most web visitors who have loud music blaring at them are not going to patiently scroll around your site to figure out how to shut it off. They are going to leave and never come back.

I highly recommend that you NEVER have sound on your website. If you must play a sound, to show an example of your harp music perhaps, then have that be a "click to start the music" option. You always want the person to choose to hear the music. Many people surf from work, and if you are the one that causes them to be "caught" they will curse you for years!

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