Alligator Stapler

I purchased my alligator stapler because I already had a snail tape dispenser that I adored. I figured if the snail tape dispenser brought me so much joy, that it could only be doubled by having a cute matching stapler to go with it.

Alligator Stapler The purchase really helped make clear to me that while cute is nice, functionality is critical.

My tape dispenser works wonderfully, and that is part of its charm. The alligator stapler was *atrocious*. It kept jamming, the staples never stuck in very well, and it was simply annoying every time I picked it up. That mean that when I then looked at it on my desk, my thought was not "oh look how cute that is". My thought was, "that stapler just doesn't work the way it should".

Finally I donated it to charity. I felt guilty, too, because now some poor other person is having to struggle with a less than functional unit. Maybe it'll go to an alligator lover who simply uses it as a decoration on a shelf.

Not well recommended for anything other than display purposes.

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