LED Heart Lights

I admit I was a bit skeptical when I looked at these. How well could these LED red heart lights work?

LED Heart Lights Wow, am I loving these things.

They are so easy to use. They're on wire which you can bend in any direction you wish. So in my photo you can see how I have the lights highlighting my bookshelf. Since they're battery powered, you can have them bend in any direction you want and start anywhere you want. Just tuck the batteries in a corner and turn them on. The hearts all glow!

My boyfriend's in a band and this is absolutely perfect for them. They can rig up the lights to go up speaker cabinets, around guitars, and you name it. The batteries keep them powered and the wires let them twist in any shape possible.

I've played with all sorts of lights over the years and usually they die quickly or don't stay put. These last and last, and the bendy wires let you twist them into knots.

Highly recommended. I am absolutely thrilled with these.

We were sent a sample to review - and we'll gladly buy more of these things.

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