PaperPro EvoLX Stapler

I had a green PaperPro one-finger 15 sheet stapler when the Evo came available on Vine. I love my green one and wondered how much better this EvoLX could be.

PaperPro EvoLX Stapler

Wow, I am amazed to say that the EvoLX is even smoother and quieter than my current one - plus it does 20 sheets rather than 15. I didn't think it was possible for a stapler to get even easier than what I had. It's really one finger push. It only makes a small noise when you staple. The pages are firmly attached to each other.

Loading is different than other staplers but once you figure it out, it's easy enough to do. Rather than lifting the top as most staplers do, with this you slide the base.

However since you're sliding the base to fill it, it means you can no longer move the base to staple against a wall. That is, this only works as a regular stapler. My green one does open up flat to staple. So if you need the wall-stapling ability, I'd go with the 15 sheet version which is nearly as good as this.

So a minor caveat, but as long as you're not needing to staple things into walls, this is an ideal stapler. Maybe my only other caution is that since it's so incredibly easy to use it should be kept away from kids. Little fingers could easily get harmed by this thing.

Highly recommended.

I was sent a review unit by the Amazon Vine program to test out.

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