PaperPro Stapler

A stapler might seem like such an incredibly simple item to have in an office. You press down the top part. It connects pieces of paper together. Done, you move on to another task.

PaperPro Stapler However, it seemed like stapler after stapler I used brought me nothing but grief. The staples would jam. The staples wouldn't go in properly. I spent half the time feeling frustrated that such a simple piece of equipment couldn't work properly.

Then I came across the PaperPro stapler. I don't mean to rhapsodize TOO much over what a stapler can do, but this is just amazing! It takes the lightest touch to get it to work. The staples are perfect. It doesn't jam. It is simply wonderful!

I was talking with my Dad one night and he was explaining how his stapler never works properly. I promptly bought him a PaperPro stapler of his own, and now he loves it as well.

With all the grief we deal with in the world, it's nice to have something that is dependable and reliable to turn to. Plus I adore the translucent green color.

Just looking at this on my desk makes me happy. I know it will do exactly what it needs to do whenever I call on it. Wouldn't it be nice if everything in life was like that?

I purchased my stapler with my own funds, and have owned it for over a year now.

Highly recommended.

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