Post-It Notes

Post-it notes are enormously helpful items to have in any office, and it's amazing that they've only been around for a short period of time! In the 1970s, 3M engineers were playing with a low-stick glue, but nobody seemed to want to use it. It was only in 1980 that 3M finally gave it a shot on the marketplace, and we know what happened after that. Consumers loved the items.

Post-It Notes I love post-it notes. They are incredibly useful for a range of applications. You can label stacks of books with what needs to be done with them. You can label a stack of paper with where it is going. You can even stick a note on the edge of your monitor to remind you of something important.

We all have our own systems to keep track of things. Post-it notes can definitely function well in many systems. I do a lot of self publishing, so I use post-it notes on all the books lying around the house, to keep track of which version each book is, and its intended destination, without marring the cover or book. That way I know the note will stay with the book until it gets to where it belongs.

The 3M fruit series is cute, and it offers notes in soft colors of orange, green, and pink. I do find color coding of items to be very useful. Even my binders for tracking are color coded, so I can glance over and grab the one I need. So I'm an advocate of post-it notes, and an advocate of colored systems.

My only comment would be that you can probably find generic post-its locally at a cheaper price, if your sole desire was for post-it notes in a variety of colors. Still, these are cute, functional, and if the price is right, they'll serve you well!

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