Snail Tape Dispenser

I am in my home office pretty much 24 hours a day. I come down here when I wake up in the morning, and I leave here at night to go back to bed. I try to make sure that the area I am in for that long length of time helps to keep me focused and content.

Snail Tape Dispenser I absolutely adore my snail tape dispenser. It sits right in front of me when I work. I love its colors - the glowing blue of the eyes, the ocean blue of the shell. And it works like a charm. The tape pulls out smoothly, and it's easy to refill. It's everything I could want in a tape dispenser, and it is pretty while it sits there.

Probably the only down side, for people who want to get one, is that it's not available on Amazon. Also, the place that I bought mine, FlaxArt, no longer seems to stock them either. So you might have a challenge tracking one down for youself.

Still, I'd say it's worth the hunt! I adore my snail, and I've probably had it for ten years now. It continues to bring me joy :)

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