Barron's Finance

I was required to use this book for a college finance course, which I got an A in. So the book certainly did its job in ensuring I learned the material necessary to pass that course.

While it seemed accurate enough, the material was also very dry. I've done two years of college now and most books are easy to use and guide you along through the material. This was written about as dryly as I have ever seen. The small format makes the pages hard to stay open. There is no use of shading or color or much of anything else to get important material to stand out. The best you get is a dark lined box which says "you should remember".

In an age where we use spreadsheets and calculators very regularly, this book expects you to look up information in giant, grey-on-grey hard to read tables in their back! We're not in the 1960s, it's time to update the book to move into the modern era!

On the up side, when you look at the inexpensive price of this book compared to the $150-and-up prices regularly seen on other textbooks, it's almost reverse sticker shock. A textbook that you don't have to take out a loan to buy? Can it be?

So to summarize the information isn't "bad" but it certainly could be laid out much more easily. It could be explained in a much more user-friendly manner. It definitely needs to be updated to include modern tools. And the whole book's format could be expanded to a larger size so it's easier to use. With all the other options out there, I don't find this one to be the "ideal" book.

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