Annual Editions - Business Ethics

Business Ethics 10/11 is not a schoolbook in the traditional sense of the word. It doesn't provide step by step instructions on how to create a statistical chart. Instead, it has a collection of essays on a variety of ethical topics. It then encourages you to ponder the situations and see what the various choices might be.

For example, in one case a man runs a small company. He has a trusted friend doing his accounting - and discovers after a few years that she's stolen $20,000 from him. There are mitigating factors here. Her son is sick and she's using the money for medical care. However, the owner had already given her quite a bit of money out-of-pocket to help with those expenses and was quite willing to give her more. So the money was there, but she chose to steal it instead.

What should he do? Keep her on as an employee? Fire her? Turn her over to the police? Let her keep the money? Ask for the money back? There's no easy answers, and the essay helps explain how from different points of view each choice could seem like the right one.

There are discussions about identity theft, age discrimination, illegal immigration, and much more. Each one helps make the point that choices aren't easy and often have many points of view.

There are also a few essays which might be considered "teaching essays" - in that they present information on how to handle ethical situations more fairly. There's an essay on how to evaluate the points of view. There's essays on how to build an ethical culture in your company or community.

Well recommended!

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