Campbell Leadership Descriptor

The Campbell Leadership Descriptor is a slim book (about 44 pages, the size of a small magazine) plus a fold-out "test" that you fill in for your "assignment". The book helps you understand about key aspects of leadership - vision, management, empowerment, diplomacy, feedback, and entrepreneurialism. In addition you combine in your personal style, your personal energy, and your awareness of multicultural issues.

The book first helps you learn why each of these areas is important in being a well rounded leader. Then the book has you go through exercises imagining you are describing your favorite leader - and then your least favorite leader. You can see, from the results of the exercises, how these people stack up in the different areas.

Finally the most important part - you fill in the charts for *yourself*. You rate yourself in a variety of areas which relate to the nine sections. You learn more about yourself - what you excel in, what areas you need to focus on. Much of this you will (hopefully) already know, but it's likely that a few items will surprise you after you have gone through these exercises.

You now work on a game plan to make concrete improvements in the areas you choose to focus on. You finish up with a nicely formatted to-do list which will help you make progress and become a better leader.

Definitely a well laid out, step by step exercise that every leader can benefit from going through. What's nice is you can do it again every six months to a year, to see if you're on the right path!

If I had to make a complaint, it's that the book is fairly slim for the price. I think they could have beefed up the content to provide more background and information. The information here is great - but a leader would still need to buy additional books to learn HOW to improve their techniques well. It would be nice if this offering provided some of that information as well. There are bullet points of "try this" and "try that" but there is certainly room for more detailed ideas.

Well recommended.

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