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The book Coping with Stress in a Changing World by Richard Blonna was required reading for a college class on Stress Management I recently took. I have read many, many books on stress management and related topics over the years, so I was quite curious what this book would contain.

The book is fairly large format - 8.5" x nearly 11" - and it's three color - black, white, and rose. I.e. it's not a full color textbook. Even so, they are charging the high price that one associates with a dense, colored textbook - while providing information I find in just about every stress book I read. Certainly the information is *good* - but I'm not sure it's good enough to cost ten times the price of similar books.

The book begins with a background on what stress is about, and different research views on the causes and pathways of stress. It goes into issues of stress in the workplace, including ergonomic issues and noise. It talks about the nervous system, how stress affects the immune system, and why managing stress is so important. Then it launches into a few sections on practical tips for handling stress. How to be mindful. How to manage time. How to meditate.

Absolutely I do feel that all of these are important. I'm a strong proponent of learning to handle life gently and to be aware of one's limitations. Again, though, I read this same information in countless other books. I'm not sure I'm finding why this book costs so much more - except that they "can" because college students are being required to purchase it. I just don't find that to be a valuable argument.

I wish professors would look at the wealth of other options out there, and choose from them. Heck, they could have their students get a top-level book on meditation, one on mindfulness, and one on stress, and still save the students quite a lot of money. And the students would end up with a trio of books which served them far better throughout their life.

I purchased this book with my own funds in order to take a college course.

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