Global Governance and Corporate Responsibility

Global Governance and Corporate Responsibility in Conflict Zones by Moira Feil covers how a corporation's actions affect those who live in a sensitive area. As the owner of BellaOnline, I am acutely aware of how my site helps those in disadvantaged areas. I read this book with focus, looking to see how I could be a healthy corporate citizen.

Global Governance and Corporagte Reponsiblity in Conflict Zones Much of what the book laid out made me enormously grateful for the world I had grown up in. Sure, I had challenges. But I hadn't been threatened with rape at every step of my life. My family hadn't been threatened with slaughter simply for having certain facial features. I think it's crucial for many of us to realize just how challenging life is in certain parts of the world.

An interesting statistic with this summary relates to the use of the word "kleptocracy". Look that up on Wikipedia and you're presented with a map of where you can be safe from corruption in the government. It's fairly scary how many countries rate high on corruption, and how much the natives get worn down and used to that situation.

Related to that, the report indicates that only 67.2% of people in Zaire are literate. Let's say the remainder of the people care about their well being and want to engage in action to make things better. How can they do that? If one is illiterate, how many hurdles will they face in making the situation better?

Yes, people tend to blame "bad corporations" for problems - but often local companies are struggling to protect their workers. Often they disagree with the local vendettas. Often they're immensely grateful when the bloodshed around them passes them by.

There are no easy answers in Rwanda or the DNC. Long term, complex issues are at play. The Global Governance and Corporate Responsibility book tries to put that all in context. Does it get dry at times? Certainly. Does it feel a bit cliche at times? Absolutely. But that all being said, it does its best to navigate a complex landscape and find a middle ground which makes sense of all the pressures that are exerted here.

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