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The Pearson Custom Sociology brand is a self-publishing brand run by Pearson Custom Publishing. In essence it's a way for a schoolteacher to bundle up a collection of essays he or she finds interesting and then have students buy them as one bound unit. Pearson often uses stock cover images for multiple of these books. So it's important when you buy any of the Intersections Collection that you don't just go by the fact that it's one of the many "Intersections Collection / Pearson Custom Sociology" books or that the cover image looks right. You need to look at the detail at the bottom - this is where the book indicates which course it has the essays for.

This book here is for the Diversity Course at Northastern University, run by Dr. Sheila Mehta-Green. It's the 2009 edition.

In this book, the essays chosen by Dr. Mehta-Green include: The Changing Family, Gender Inequality, Racial and Ethnic Inequality, Wealth and Poverty: US and Global Economic Inequalities, Problems in Education, Inequality Based on Age, Inequality Based on Sexual Orientation, and Can Social Problems Be Solved. All of these essays were written by Diana Kendall. They average at about 20 pages an essay.

All of the essays provide interesting statistics and real-life stories to make their points. For example, as of 2002, 48% of couples who married under age 18 ended up divorced within ten years. However, only 24% of those who waited until they hit age 25 ended up divorcing within that time frame. It shows how the maturity of the people in the relationship makes a difference. In 2008, the median income for an Asian-American family was $63,642. However, the median income for an African American family was only $32,372.

While many of the essays were still quite timely, the one on sexual orientation felt very dated. It had incorrect information about where gays could marry in the US, about how gays are handled in the military, and so on. This is definitely an essay that needs to be kept much more up to date.

Still, the essays covered their topic areas well, were interesting to read, and often were quite thought-provoking.

Well recommended.

The Intersections Collection - Pearson Custom Sociology

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