Organizational Behavior

There are some course books you read just to get through the course, and don't feel like you've learned anything long-term useful. Then there are the books you take reams and reams of notes on because you know that this information will help you in every aspect of your life. Organizational Behavior by Kreitner and Kincki definitely falls into the useful category. I took a sheaf of notes while reading this book and began immediately implementing many of their suggestions. These were not just theoretical ideas that a big-shot corporate owner might use on a gigantic company. The pages were packed with practical, down to earth suggestions on how every person interacting with others could find a way to make things work more smoothly.

There are discussions on listening styles - how to stay focused when working with others, how to retain information and help draw out the important parts. There are descriptions of leadership styles and how different ones might work better in different situations. There are tips on managing and dealing with stress and conflict. You learn why sometimes rewards are seen as greatly motivating and how other times they fall flat.

There are times that the book is oddly phrased. For example they say in 2050 that 55% of workers will be minorities. They won't be minorities then, will they! Back in 1900 Italians and Irish were considered "minorities" and were not allowed to work in some areas. Our definitions always change, and the book should have gone into that more.

There are also items which were just plain wrong. They state that in 2011 (which is, in fact, now) that half the US workforce will be over 50 years of age. I found the initial study they quoted - and even the study never made this claim! The average age is **maybe** 40 years old. It makes you wonder about some of the other stats they quote.

Still, as long as you take those sorts of numbers with a grain of salt, the behavior based informatoin provided is quite helpful and useful. Highly recommended!

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