Organizational Communication

Let me say first that I have been running a website with 300 editors for almost ten years now. I came into this course - and bought this book - having already experienced a variety of issues with communication. I knew just how critical communication could be to an organization. I had seen good quality communication that made work a joy, and I had seen troubled communication which caused disasters. I found this book *incredibly* helpful.

Our course was 12 weeks and every week we dedicated ourselves to one of the chapters. Every week I took a ton of notes from the chapter we worked on - not just to pass the class, but because the information was fascinating and directly useful for my daily tasks. The examples were ones I could relate to and demonstrated the issues clearly. There were many times that I'd read a chapter and then enthusiastically go talk to my editors about the ideas, finding ways we could incorporate them in our process.

There are discussions on handling a crisis. On ways to manage a group activity or meeting that keeps things flowing smoothly. The differences between writing policies and handling task specific communication. Dealing with individuals from different cultural backgrounds. Ensuring that the messages you give out are listened to and respected.

I could imagine, for example, that a young student with no experience in running meetings or dealing with group dynamics might not understand why there's time dedicated to this topic or how important it could be. For people who have gone through those issues and seen how they can bog down a project, the information is invaluable.

Very well recommended. As the book mentions, communication is NOT just for "communications professionals" (HR, newsletter writers, etc.) This information is incredibly valuable for anyone who wants to become better respected and heard in their career.

If I'm going to look for flaws, perhaps it's that Chapter 12 is all about "ways to find jobs that involve your communication skills". I don't need that kind of information in this book. I'd get a book on finding jobs if that's what I needed.

book written by Alan Jay Zaremba

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