Results That Last

Many leadership and management books are about one specific topic. Dealing with an unruly employee. Building a team. Inexpensive motivation techniques. With Results That Last by Quint Studer, you get a start-to-end way of overhauling everything you do in your company. You start by shaking out the dead weight that is holding you back, move on to enthusing all existing employees to become more productive, changing the feedback and measurements so this snowballs over time, and creating a healthy environment so the system becomes self sustaining.

You definitely have to read this book knowing that it is trying to cover a HUGE amount of territory in one book, and therefore it can't go in depth into each area. Take for example the beginning section on dealing with low performers. The book is almost callous about these individuals, talking primarily about creating an uncomfortable gap between how they perform and how your "keepers" are doing. The more and more clear it becomes that they are the "dregs of society" (my words, but the book's thoughts), the more they will either be embarrassed and start pulling their own weight, or be in a position where you can fire them.

I've read many books on how to help out underperforming employees, and all of them provided far more helpful (and compassionate!) information than what is found here. I mention compassionate because it really pays in many ways to treat this as a serious but addressable situation. Many of your low performers CAN be turned around if handled in a certain way. This turns them into highly loyal, dedicated employees who will go above and beyond the call of duty for you. You'll never know that result if you dismiss them as garbage, though. Also, if your other employees see that you're callous and uncaring about someone who falls into a slump, it doesn't give them the warm, fuzzy feelings about supporting your aims. After all, they are only a hiccup away from receiving the same treatment.

Still, if you take that into account, the book provides a lot of high quality information on how to deal with employees, how to handle issues, and how to create an environment that helps everyone to succeed. Just be sure to read other leadership books alongside this one to get a rounded view.

Rating: 4/5

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