Smith and Roberson's Business Law

Law can sometimes seem to be a dry, tedious subject. However, it's also an important topic for any businessperson to understand, so they can navigate the world of contracts, responsibilities, and liabilities with at least some understanding of what the issues are. I enjoyed Smith and Roberson's Business Law as a solid foundation in the topic.

Smith and Roberson's Business Law I'll note that this eighth edition is from 1991. Even so, I found the information quite useful and imagine that the basic information is still fairly sound. The discussions on the history of law, what law is all about, and how law and ethics comingle have been ones that have been going on for thousands of years.

The examples provided in the text are great. We get everything from references to A Clockwork Orange to people deliberately causing checks to bounce. The examples make sense and help us relate to what is going on. If someone sells video recording devices, and people buy them to make copies of copyrighted material, who is at fault?

These are good not only for lawyers to know, but also for normal businesspeople. It's better to know what to do beforehand, and not to get embroiled in a lawsuit, vs having to go through the years of pain afterwards to undo the mess.

On a down side, there are over 1200 pages of text, plus an additional 300+ pages of end material. This isn't a book you can prop up on your lap to read through easily. Also, if you need help in a specific area, it's not easy to quickly find what you want and to study about it. This is definitely where an ebook version would do much better. You could read the book without "bearing the weight" literally of the entire tome in your hands. You could easily hop to particular sections and bookmark the ones that apply to your current situation.

Still, there's a wealth of great information here, and it's well worth studying.

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