The Leadership Challenge Workbook

I think the first thing to state is that you NEED THE MAIN BOOK to fully use this workbook well. This workbook goes WITH the main "The Leadership Challenge" book. Make sure you have both of them.

The workbook helps you to think about the topics taught in the main book. It asks you questions and has you think about situations in your work life. Their directed, step by step approach helps you to move through situations and make progress.

I'm working on a leadership degree and so far in the one degree path I've had two separate classes which both required the main Leadership Challenge book. It goes to show how key that book is. In both classes the students all loved it, and I did as well. Only my second class incorporated this workbook.

While I appreciate the aim of the workbook, the teacher's instructions (which I assume came from the publishers) were to use the exact same project for every stage of the workbook. So you start out by describing that project - its time frame, its budget, the challenges, and so on. So far, so good.

But then you move on to talking about your legacy and what you want to be known for in life. What if it's not related to this project? Many people in my class got scolded for not talking about the exact same project for this part - but what if you simply can't?

Then you start talking about the organization's values and how they align with your values. Again, nothing to do necessarily with the project you began with.

There's a section about how you tell a story regarding success, but what if your project is just getting started and there's no success stories yet to tell? Again you're forced to discuss something else.

So while the questions are useful to ponder as standalone tasks, the "focus on one project from start to finish" is not necessarily useful or helpful.

Still, if you use the workbook as a general guide to improving your leadership skills, I think it's useful.

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