College Funding

Definitely make sure you start with FASFA and loans, and then by applying for every scholarship you can get your hands on. But say you're doing all of those things. How can you get additional college funding?

First, the government is currently running some AWESOME tax breaks for anybody going to school. In 2009 you can deduct up to $4,000 right off your taxes for any college courses you've taken! They are heavily pushing for people to get educated and get back to work. You might as well use this free money! Talk to your tax guy to see what the options are. If the government is giving out free money for you to learn new skills, you might as well take it.

Next, if you run your own business, the courses may be tax deductible. Let's say you run an accounting business, and you take a course in advanced accounting techniques. This course is going to make you a better accountant! It is exactly the same as going to an accounting seminar. Again, talk to your tax guy, but taking educational classes to further your skills in your goal area is a wonderful thing to do. This is part of making your business better.

I have hundreds of pages on Working from Home. The best way to pay for college is to simply have money in the bank that you easily write a check with. Do something on the side. Sell Avon. Mow lawns. Do accounting for friends. Whatever talents you have, put them to use. That spare money can EASILY pay for a degree for you. The new degree and skills can help you be incredibly happy, make more money, and reach your goals!

Once you're all set with how you are going to pay for your degree, it's time to start!

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