College Course Curriculum Map

One of the most critical parts of attending a college is making sure you efficiently get the classes you need to graduate! You don't want to waste time - or money - by mismanaging this process.

What can help greatly is making out a chart which tracks which classes you've taken already and which ones you still need to take.

Here's my chart, for my own classes, so you can see how this works.

College Course Curriculum Map

My curriculum map is using the Northeastern system which might be different than how other colleges work. So here's a bit of explanation.

At Northeastern for a given degree they give you your four year plan. I transferred in credits, so for me it's actually three years and a quarter.

So first I laid out the courses they wanted you to take, by year, just as they recommend.

Then I added coding to track the course types.

Italics are core required courses to graduate with a degree.
Underlines are my leadership major courses.
Red are my Organizational Communication minor.
Green are my Sociology minor.

So far so good? I think all students can do those things.

So then as I took each course I marked it as DONE with the grade I got.

The remaining "non required" courses are divided into completely open electives and electives which can't be business courses. So those I can fill in with whatever I want.

Let me know if you have any questions! It's really very easy to set this up in Word - just make a table with 2 x 2 cells and start typing!

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