Free Online Classes

If you love to learn, the web is AMAZING! There are literally thousands of online classes you can take for free! You can learn ancient Greek, figure out how to make soap, get a handle on your home finances and much more. The sky is the limit!

Here are just a few options I've found. Let me know if you've heard of any others!

YouTube is amazing. I have put free origami how-to videos on there. Millions of other people have done similar things. You can learn to bellydance. Learn to fly a kite. Learn to make paper airplanes. If you want to know something, try YouTube!

MIT Open Courseware
Yes, the real MIT with the amazing reputation! They have free courses online! Learn to be a rocket science, from your home. Amazing stuff.

Yale Open Courseware
Yale is another school with an amazing repuation. You can learn about Music, Biology, the History of Art and much more directly from Yale's famous professors.

Foreign Languages
Open Courseware has links to tons of free foreign language courses in a wide variety of languages. You can also of course hang out in foreign-language chat rooms and arrange to talk with the people on Skype for free!

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