Scholarships are like free grants. You are handed money, and you never have to pay it back. It is a gift of money to you, to help you with your schooling. The catch is that many other people also want that free money, so you are all competing for it.

There are many online websites which help you find scholarships. Most scholarships make you write essays, craft poems, or do other things that they scholarship committee can "judge" to determine who gets the money. Sometimes it's the Girl Scouts who take the person most dedicated to Scouting ideals. Sometimes it's an educational society who takes the person with the highest GPA. There are genealogical organizations who ask for people to write essays about Germans living in Russia, to promote their genealogical story. An organization which promotes remembering the Holocaust might ask for people to write essays or create artworks commemerating the Holocaust issues.

Local towns and states often have scholarships open to residents only. Companies and organizations will have scholarships for children of their employees. Explore every angle. Talk to everyone you know. Search the web. You never know which scholarship might be perfect for you, and match your talents well.

Keep applying, and keep researching. One caveat - there are of course scam sites out there. Never pay money to a stranger to get the chance of money back. Scholarships should be free to enter. Don't pay money to access a database. The web is free, scholarship lists are free.

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