Signing Up for Classes

Once you have been accepted at a school, agreed to enroll there, and worked out the financing, it's time to enroll for classes! This is one of the most fun parts. You get to choose classes you enjoy, and learn some amazing skills!

In fact, being online is a HUGE benefit here. I remember when my son went to Bennington University, a real "brick and mortar" school. They had limited class size. I think the entire first year he was there, he only got into ONE class he wanted! The rest were compromises, because they didn't have enough spots for the students who wanted the classes! Can you imagine paying for an entire year of college and rarely if ever learning something you were interested in?

With online colleges, that rarely is an issue. They can fit lots of students into a class. They can run multiple classes at a time. If you're intersted in astronomy, you can take it! If you want to learn about better nutrition, sign on up! You get to learn exactly what you want, and reach your personal goals.

Most online colleges have - you guessed it - online course sign-up. This is far better than the old days! I remember at WPI when they had tables in a huge auditorium. You literally ran around the room with cards in your hand hoping to get to the classes you wanted to take. Talk about stone age! Now you just point, click, and you're set.

Some colleges offer different options for their courses. For example at Northeastern University you can take full semester courses, or super-fast half semester courses. The thought here is that you want to end up taking 4 courses at the end of the semester. So you can take four long, slow courses, or two fast courses in the first half and then two fast courses in the second half. Some people want to have four slow ones. Some would rather just have 2 courses and really crank through them. Whatever your style is, there is an option.

Another thing to watch for is the time requirements. Some courses might require weekly forum postings, Others might require weekly writing assignments. Some might require you to watch online lectures. Very rarely will any online course make you "be at your computer at X time on X day". They know we are all busy people with work and families and other tasks. Still, it's good to check into that, just to make sure.

When you are sure you know what classes will work you towards your goal and the degree requirements, sign up for them. Usually you can change your mind up until the semester begins, and you don't have to pay until then as well. So you have some time to double check your choices.

With Northeastern you can even sign up for the "next semester", so you can plan ahead and be all set with your upcoming schedule!


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