Weeks 4 of Online Classes

I figured I should post now of my thoughts would blur in with subsequent weeks smile

So again to summarize, my very first college experience in a LONG while, done fully online, currently taking 3 classes concurrently. English, Org Behavior, Org Communication.

In all 3 classes this week had a number of interesting threads (all started by the instructors) on a variety of topics. So we all chimed in with our answers and then our responses to each other. There were some fascinating discussions on ethics.

I had one paper due in English - a "final" version of the compare-and-contrast from last week. I had 2 papers due in Org Comm. This time he explicitly said only 5 pages or less (I think I'd been doing 10 page papers) so that meant even less writing. So that was all easy for me, in the sense that I love writing and could write all day long (I suppose I do!)

It seems there are 1-2 people per class (class size about 15-20 in each case) who only "show up" on the very last day to do their posts. Now, you could say this is up to them - if the class is online, and the class runs Mon-Sun, that they are choosing a schedule that works well for them. However, it means nobody can read their messages, post any responses, or interact in any way! They stick in a post, the board shuts down and in some classes is actually removed from sight. So we can't even see that they said something unless we're quick.

I think while they might be barely meeting the letter of the law, so to speak, that they are missing the whole purpose of having a discussion board which is, after all, to discuss smile

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