Weeks 5-6 of Online Classes

I figured I should post now of my thoughts would blur in with subsequent weeks smile

These weeks included the "midterm week" for all 3 of my classes. In English we just had our usual weekly paper, so that was good. No extra stress. In our communications class we had no assignment at all! Usually he has two written assignments a week. So I think he was being nice and allowing students to focus on their other-class midterms. I found that very gracious of him.

That left the behavior class which did have an online midterm, 20 questions, multiple choice, a half hour. I wrote up that experience separately so I won't rehash it here, just to summarize it was stressful.

I'm glad that things were fairly light though because this was the week I went out to Chicago for the BellaOnline gathering so I was either busy packing or I was on the road. It would have been incredibly hard if I did have more things to juggle.

In general these two weeks went smoothly. I had a joint project in Communications that went well, a short 5-page paper. I had the one test. I had a few papers. I had forum postings. So things are going fairly smoothly now.

Next week starts up my fourth class which is a six week super-fast course on human-computer interaction! So I'm nervous about seeing how that integrates with the other things I'm taking and my life in general!

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