Weekly Checklist for Online Classes

One of my biggest concerns in taking on online classes - or really classes of any kind - was the time management. I am already flat out with work 24 hours a day. The thought of finding time for a full load of class work seemed very intimidating.

I decided I had to be extremely proactive in managing my classwork time to absolutely make sure I got the most out of these classes I could. I am paying money to take them, and I am taking them because I enthusiastically want to learn the new skills. It would be a shame to then "race through" the material to hit a deadline.

Towards this end, I created a template form that I could print out every week, to help me track exactly what I had to do for every class that week. There was a grid on the paper - one area for each class. In each grid square I have locations to record the reading assignments, forum post requirements, and submission assignments due for that class.

I have the course ID, course name, and instructor name listed for each course. That way it embeds into my brain and I remember them more easily.

That way I can print this template out each week and fill it in at the start of the week. Many studies show that hand writing information helps to embed it into your brain. So hand writing into each box the tasks for that week is part of the "remembering" process.

Once it is filled in for the week, I have it by my desk. I can glance over when I have free time and do one of the tasks. Then I check it off so it is nicely visible that that task is done.

For anything that is due before the end of the week - for example if a forum post is due on Wednesday for some reason - that is noted on the form. That way it doesn't get lost.

I am posting both a PDF and a Word copy of my template, in case people want to take a look or use it as a model for their own tracking!

PDF Weekly Checklist
DOC Weekly Checklist

Let me know if you have any suggestions!

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