Executive Machines Shredder

I've had several shredders over the years. When I got a new expensive Swingline auto-stack-feed shredder, I decided I should run it side by side with the Executive Machines shredder I'd had for years to see how they compared.

First, the noise. Noise is all relative. My Executive Machines would regularly hit 85db at a high pitched whine. This Swingline only got up to 75db using the outside feeder and was even more quiet - 68db - when using the internal auto feed. Also, the noise was a lower groan noise. So while I'd always known that the Executive Machines unit was noisy and verging on annoying, now I had "proof" that it was worse than average for shredders.

The Executive Machines unit definitely had benefits in terms of inserting paper. There's simply a slot in the top. Stick items in, they're drawn in and shredded. Quick, easy, no problem. You could put in tiny receipts and full sized pieces of paper. It could all be in a jumble of sizes. I enjoyed the ease of use of the Executive Machines unit greatly.

On the down side, after a few minutes the Executive Machines unit would get overheated and just stop working. You'd have to give it a little while to cool down before you could start using it again.

The controls on the Executive Machines unit is simple. Forward, reverse, stop. In forward mode it auto activates when you put items into it.

Here is how the cuts compare. The Executive Machines is on the left.

The cuts on the Executive Machines seem better - smaller and shorter. So it's better for security reasons. On the down side, the bin area is not very large. So you have to empty it out fairly regularly depending on how much you are shredding.

I enjoyed using the Executive Machines unit for a number of years now without any issues. I'll be handing it off to a family member now that I have the larger one, primarily because the larger one is more sturdy for long runs.

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