Champs Elysees MetStyle Laptop Bag

It really is true what they say about first impressions - and even long term impressions can change over time for the better or worse. You want to have accessories that are very functional, that look quite professional, and that help to demonstrate your good sense. It can be a challenge to find all of these things in one product!

MetStyle Champ Elysees I am extremely pleased with the MetStyle Champs Elysees laptop bag in all of these areas. First, the laptop area is padded and even though my laptop is a large, widescreen model that is quite heavy, I am impressed that it fits nicely into this area. You of course don't have to use this just for laptops - anybody carrying papers, books or other business items will find this works quite nicely.

On the other side of the bag there are two smaller padded pockets, perfect for holding CDs, DVDs or other smaller items. There's a zippered mesh area for the smaller items that tend to easily get lost in a bag. The center area of the bag is nicely sizeable for all of the other random stuff you carry with you.

The outside reflects both a quality product and a snazzy sense of style. It has a quilted purple texture, along with a leather stripe that has a ribbon running through grommets. The pair of leather handles are firmly attached and hold up well to wear and tear.

My only complaint with the bag would be that there isn't a way to attach a longer, shoulder strap to it. I definitely appreciate the stylish look of a hand-carried bag, but especially as it *can* carry heavier laptops, this gets heavy after a long day of walking around. It would be great to have a longer strap tucked into the bag and to pop it out to use when you're away from the clients, trudging back to your car or taxi.

Still, this is a minor complaint. I personally have a really difficult time finding bags I like. For example, I searched on the web for many hours before I finally found a handbag that I like. I've never had a laptop bag I liked in the past - I just used a laptop backpack which, while functional, was certainly not very professional looking! This MetStyle bag really does merge fashion with usefulness. And, I have to say, it sends a much different message to people I meet when I show up with this bag, vs showing up toting a "school" backpack with me.

Well recommended!

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