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Lisa Shea Wyoming Vision Mysteries Lisa grew up adoring stories like Dune and Lord of the Rings – stories where the old, safe world we once knew has dissolved into a whirlwind of danger and struggle. Over the years, she has found the power in these tales. Our world is always in motion. Anything a person clings to can be taken away and lost. Life strips us down to the bare essentials, to what really matters.

Lisa’s own heritage includes the Lumbee tribe of South Carolina and Tennessee. The Lumbee are considered by many to be related to the Cherokee. Half of all proceeds from Wyoming Vision benefit local battered women's shelters.

Wyoming Vision Wyoming Vision
A Wyoming blizzard. A crashed car. Haloke's only six years old, but there's no one else. Her father's dead. Her mother's clinging to life. She draws deep within her, to her Arapaho and Navajo roots, and sets out to find help.

Twenty years later, it's Haloke's younger half-sister, Johona, who desperately needs help.

* * *

Logan's Vision Logan's Vision
Haloke is coming home.

Eight long years in the Middle East have honed her skills in defending those she cares for. Now the four men who brutally hurt her younger sister Johona are going to be taught a sharp-edged lesson in the power of karma.

* * *

Haloke's Vision Haloke's Vision
Haloke was finally home. Home to her beloved Wyoming. Home with her younger sister, Johona, who had already endured so much.

And it was Christmas.

* * *

Johona's Vision Johona's Vision
Christmas was here. A season of peace and love. And, against all odds, Johona was feeling a sense of hope. Not that things could go back to how they'd been before - that could never happen. But that things could move forward. Life could go on.

And then she had a vision ...

* * *

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