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Contacting Lisa about Japanese Movies

I built this list with help from MANY friends. I have only seen some of the movies on this list, not all. If you're looking for a movie, PLEASE look through this entire list first. If it's not on this list, then I don't know about it. If you ask me "Do I know about a movie that features two kids and a giant moon" or "I saw a movie based in 50s Japan with a married woman, what was it?" I just don't know. Your best bet is really to read the list. I see so many movies that they tend to blur together :)

Baby Cart - If you're looking for the series about a 'samurai pushing his baby around in a cart and doing good', that is the Baby Cart series.

Shogun - If you're looking for a VHS copy of the Shogun miniseries for under $200, try Half.com. You can get the DVD Version of Shogun from Amazon.com for around $65.

I try to be complete, but there are always more movies out there than I can get my hands on :) If you have an addition, please mail me the title, actors, year, and a 3-4 line description. I can't add a movie unless I have that information! You can use the Lisa Shea Contact Form to get that to me.

Always try Amazon.com first. They have just about everything that is currently available. Note that many Japanese movies are just now coming out on DVD.

SensAsia.com has a huge variety of Asian movies and music as well.

HKFlix.com tends towards the racy side, but you can track down some obscure films here as well.

For even more racy films, AsianCult.com has horror, exploitation and "pink" videos.

SamuraiFlix.com has large number of Samurai, Ninja and Yakuza films for sale. Many of these films have not been released on video in North America, so they are deemed public domain. Samurai Video have recorded their copies from foreign prints and as a result some of them are not subtitled.

Japanese Movies by Title
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Note that since each of these movies was seen by a normal human being, what you read here is just one person's opinion :) Your own opinion may of course be different! If you notice that a movie listing is missing or incorrect, please Contact Me (Really!! WRITE ME!!!) so I can update the list!

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