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There are several classics in the letter A of Japanese movies. Akira is one. Yes, it's animated - but this is so well known that references to it show up in many other Japanese movies. Worth watching - just note that it's not meant for young kids :) I'm also partial to American Yakuza as a movie of culture-clash.

An Actors Revenge (1960) 114m. D: Kon Ichikawa. (The Revenge of Ukino-jo)
Confusing tale of a Kabuki actor getting back at a lord responsible for the demise of his parents.

The Adventures of Milo and Otis (1986)
A cute tale of a curious cat and a cautious dog who learn about life and each other. Great for kids (and some adults!).

Afurika Monogatari (1981) 120m. (A tale of Afrika, the green horizon) D: Susumu Hani. James Stewart.

Akira (1990). W: Katsuhiro Otomo.
Anime film set in post-apocalyptic Tokyo. This version is a Special Edition that came out in 2001 with tons of special features! (Lisa: Of course, by listing this 'classic' anime, we're opening ourselves to listing all fourty-quadrillion others ...)

Aloha Summer (1985)
The story takes place in Hawaii in 1959. It focuses mainly on a group of teenagers on vacation, but there is also a very interesting sub-plot involving kendo (some great sword fighting scenes) and honor. Sho Kosugi plays Yukinaga Konishi, a stern kendo instructor who is very rough on his son played by Yuji Okumoto. Sho's character is very bitter because Japan lost in WWII. This is also explored. (In my opinion a very good dramatic film. I really love this film. -- Richard) [Daniel Richard]

Alone on the Pacific (1963) 104m. D: Kon Ichikawa. (My Enemy The Sea)
Based on the true tale of a youth sailing alone from Osaka to San Francisco.

American Ninja (1985)
An American soldier named Joe Armstrong (played by Michael Dudikoff), who is stationed in the Phillipines discovers that the army is selling stolen weapons to the South American black market. To make matters worse, they have aligned themselves with a deadly Japanese ninja clan led by the "Black Star Ninja" (played by Tadashi Yamashita). Aided by one loyal pal (played by Steve James), Joe battles the ninja warriors on numerous occasions. After being reunited with his father (played by John Fujioka), Joe learns that he is a ninja. The film ends with a duel to the death between Joe and the "Black Star Ninja". Followed by at least 4 "sequels". Series gets worse with each outing! [Daniel Richard]

American Yakuza (1994)
Be careful not to read reviews of this one before you watch it! It'll give away the key to the movie. Viggo stars as a down-and-out ex-con who gets drawn into the world of the Yakuza. Great, realistic fighting and cultural clashes. Highly recommended by Lisa. Viggo Mortensen, Ryo Ishibashi, Michael Nouri, Yuji Okumoto, Cristina Lawson, John Fujioka.

And The Soul Shall Dance (?-US) 95m.

Angel Dust (1997). D: Sogo Ishii, W: Yorozu Ikuta and S. Ishii.
"Thriller set in icily futuristic Tokyo. . . . follows investigation into serial killing of several young women, all murdered during rush hour at various stops on a Tokyo commuter line. . . . many coldly gorgeous shots of the lights of Tokyo." (from the review by Stephen Holden in NYT's 1/24/97).

Anti-Extortion Woman
Very funny movie about an anti-extortion expert who takes on the Yakuza at a hotel. [Jim Holman]

The Apple Pickers (1946?)

The Assassin (1979)
Posing as an underworld figure, a martial artist infiltrates the largest gang in Japan where he is hired as a hitman. Shinichi "Sonny" Chiba

Atragon (1963) 96m. D: Inoshiro Honda.
Underworld kingdom threatens world - juvenile sci-fi adventure - unbelievable but enjoyable special effects.

An Autumn Afternoon (1962) 112m D: Yasujiro Ozu
Ozu's final film is a beautiful expression of his talent. In postwar Tokyo, an aging widower loses his only daughter to marriage and begins a life of loneliness. A heart-wrenching tale of relationships and loss.

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